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 “When I fed the poor, they called me a Saint.  When I asked why the poor had no food, they called me a communist” ARCHBISHOP HELDER CAMARA

 We are delighted to announce that an anonymous parishioner has been so concerned about the poverty experienced by Syrian refugees, that they have made a donation to the Justice & Peace group of £500. This sum has been donated, at their request, to East Lothian’s Aid to Refugees, as a contribution towards their costs of sending a container to Lebanon, with essential items for families trapped by circumstances over which they have no control.



 Huge gratitude has been expressed by EAST LOTHIAN AID FOR REFUGEES [ELAR] to those of you who so generously donated toys recently for the refugee children who have arrived in East Lothian. All their families who have been accommodated in East Lothian have now been taken to the warehouse to select toys for their children.  An update from ELAR is that a container was sent last week to Lebanon via Belgium, with clothes, utensils, and other useful items collected for refugees.  The warehouse in Wallyford would welcome interested volunteers to give their time to the sorting and boxing up of donations. Fiona’s mobile phone number is 07977 443073.


(23 & 24/09/17)

Fair Trade A big THANK YOU!  To all of you at the Vigil Mass and the Sunday morning mass who sampled the Fair Trade biscuits, chocolate ,coffee and tea and who gave us good feedback.  We are also delighted that you liked them so much that you decided to buy them from our Fair Trade Stall. The mighty £238.25 from Fair Trade products you bought will ensure that producers of all of these goods will receive a minimum fair wage to feed and look after their families, a wage equal to their work. That producers will have a say in how premiums are spent and that big businesses do not have all the power which can lead to profit margins being more important than producers and their families. We are sure you will have enjoyed the foodstuffs and crafts you bought but long after the wonderful tastes of ,for example , chocolate have gone ,the good that you will have done for those hardworking producers ,will remain. Again ,on their behalf, we THANK YOU , the parishioners of St Gabriel's for working together for the good of others.


Release of Mohammed Faisal Abu Sakha

A BIG THANK YOU to all who signed letters asking for the release from Administrative Detention of Palestinian Mohammed Faisal Abu Sakha or for him to be charged and receive a fair trial. We have just received news that he has been released. The fact that you took an interest in his plight and supported him by asking for justice shows that your voice and those from around the U.K. and the world can make a difference. Please see the display at the back of the church for more information, quotes and pictures. Well done!!

JUSTICE AND PEACE GROUP APPEAL - : Support for Local Refugees

(‘But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of Heaven’. Matthew, 19:14)

We were astounded by the huge, generous response to our appeal to the parish for toys for the refugee children who have arrived recently in East Lothian. Very grateful thanks must be given to all of you who made the donations, all of which were in such good condition, and many of which appeared brand new. In particular, thanks must be given to all those children who parted with games and toys which must have been dear to them. You will be pleased to know that four new refugee families will be taken to the East Lothian Aid to Refugees [ELAR] in Wallyford to choose from the great pile of donated gifts, and that whatever toys remain will be sent in the next consignment of clothing and necessities to the refugee camps abroad. If anyone is interested in forming a parish group to help in the work to make life easier for those fleeing countries in fear of their lives, or still living in camps abroad, please contact the Justice & Peace Group. ELAR would like to thank the parish of St Gabriel’s for their generosity, and to ask that anyone interested in volunteering in the warehouse sorting the goods destined for abroad to contact Fiona Tel: 07977 443073


 The Justice & Peace group meets monthly, normally on a Wednesday at 7:30PM after the evening Mass in the Meeting Room, adjacent to the side chapel. The meetings are informal, lively and we aim to have a different focus event/activity for each month of the year. Come and join us. All Welcome!!

For further information on the J&P Group please keep coming back to this webpage, look at the church notice board or contact J&P Group

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