Following discussions with Monsignor Halloran, the current Parish Council has been dissolved. Which is in line with normal protocol, when a parish priest leaves his parish. It is not intended to hold elections for a new PPC at this stage. With this in mind, should any parishioner have matters that would normally be brought to the Parish Council; these should be sent directly to Monsignor Halloran, who is our interim administrator. May I take this opportunity thank those, who served on this PPC from 2016 to the present,  for their time and dedication for the good of the parish

 Pastoral Parish Council:

  Fr Jim Smith            -  Parish Priest

  Craig Thomson        -  Chair

  Tulio Filogonio         -  Vice Chair

   Karen Blair              -  Secretary

     Victoria McDonald   - Secretary              


   Parish Council Members -  Robin Currie                        Elaine Anderson

                                              Jane Scott                            Gerry Houston

                                               Mary Cormack                    Gill Barber

Victoria, Gill, Tulio, Craig, Mary, Elaine, Father Jim


     Pastoral Parish Council Minutes: PPC Minutes 12 Dec 2016.docx

                                                                                               PPC Minutes 15 Feb 2017.doc

                                                                                               PPC Minutes 19 Apr 2017.doc

                                                                                               PPC Minutes 14 Jun 2017.doc

                                                                                              PPC Minutes 23 Aug 2017.doc

                                                                                               PPC Minutes 25 Oct 2017.doc

                                                                                               PPC Minutes 31 Jan 2018.docx

                                                             PPC SPECIAL MEETING:19/04/18

PASTORAL PARISH COUNCILThe PPC met  last Wednesday evening to discuss the way forward for the future of our parish, which included arrangements for St. Gabriel’s Hall, ministries, church groups and church events during this current year. It appears that there is much rumour and speculation amongst parishioners who fear they are being kept in the dark about matters with regard to the future of  this parish. Please be reassured that this is not the case and  that until  Archbishop Leo Cushley and our Dean Joe McMullen (Dunbar) confirm who is to be our next parish priest, it will be business as usual in this parish.      


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